Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Consulting

we were formerly recognized as penn Gender Balance Consulting (GBC). 


Our Mission

Penn Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Consulting (DISC) provides pro-bono consulting services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations around the world on diversity and inclusion (D&I). We apply insights from extensive research and experience in the field of D&I to support clients’ talent management goals. We have worked with global clients to improve recruitment strategies, highlight internal successes, and develop quantitative D&I evaluations.

Our mission is to enhance the value and efficacy of clients’ diversity and inclusion initiatives to build stronger 21st century workplaces. 


“The full potential of diversity can only be realized when members of an organization feel included.”

Wharton school dean geoffrey garrett


We Bring Together Diversity and Inclusion and Student Consulting

Members of DISC are trained in best practices for initiatives aimed to encourage excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our unique process exposes them to ideas relevant to the 21st century workplace alongside pre-professional skills. Students work in teams to research, analyze, and formulate D&I initiatives.

DISC offers clients access to premier D&I information and analysis. Clients are able to work with promising Penn students to gain student insight on D&I priorities and access to an exceptional talent pool.


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Get Involved

We are always looking for passionate organizations and individuals who want to work with us.

We welcome students to be a part of our consulting, marketing, or events work. We welcome organizations to come to us with questions or problems related to their D&I strategies.


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