Introducing Penn GBC


Gender Balance Consulting is proud to announce its launch at the University of Pennsylvania this fall!

Gender Balance Consulting (GBC) strives to encourage individuals around the world to recognize gender balance as a priority and help its clients achieve greater financial and social success. GBC engages students in innovative work that has a direct, positive impact on the community around them. We connect companies with motivated students who work together to ensure their clients are moving to make their community a more socially fair and conscious place.

As a student group, GBC provides reports and recommendations to clients who want to increase their commitment to gender equality. Student leaders work with their university, local businesses, and corporations to improve their gender policies while organizing campus events to involve and educate students. Ultimately, gender balance in the private sector is a major business opportunity that GBC aims to unlock.

According to the gender diversity consultancy 20-first, women currently make up 22% of Executive Committee places in the Americas. Research, however, shows that gender equality in the workplace is linked to improved financial performance, decision-making, customer satisfaction, and innovation. With women comprising 60% of global educated talent, tapping into this talent pool is crucial to economic growth.

We hope to provide a unique experience to members and clients alike. Members take part in a niche consulting experience that allows them to gain skills and expertise. They join a group dedicated to tackling structural gender inequality issues. Clients benefit from the unique business and social impact opportunity of gender balance while interacting with committed students of great potential.

Additionally, we hope to make waves on the University of Pennsylvania campus by organizing engaging open events and hosting compelling speakers. Students who are not members of the club are able to learn about the importance of gender balance and experience a unique breed of feminism to bring to their careers. Everyone involved in GBC takes part in an activism where women are not seen as a problem to be solved.

The Executive Board of GBC consists of eight individuals dedicated to advancing gender equality: Becca Bean, Co-President; Sarina Divan, Co-President; Ellie Rampulla, Vice President of Marketing; Tiffany Paul, Vice President of Internal Affairs; Grace Seeley, Vice President of Finance; Sima Parekh, Project Chair; Madison Perry, Recruitment and Client Chair; and Katie Bontje, Community Liaison.